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Why do you need infill services?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

An infill is needed every 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast your eyelash growth cycle is and/or how you practice aftercare. On average, you shed approximately 1-3 lashes per day. When lashes fall out, the lash extensions go out along with it because it is glued onto your individual lashes. New lashes will grow to replace them, and these are the lashes that we can use to do infills once it is long and healthy enough to do so.

The natural lash growth cycle:

1 Week – You will lose about 21 lashes

2 Week – You will lose about 42 lashes

3 Week – You will lose about 63 lashes

Two main reasons for lash infills:

1. Lash shedding: the natural eyelash hair growth cycle. As mentioned above, it is a natural process for your lashes to fall out, and when it does, your lash extensions go out with them as a result.

2. Drooping: as your natural lashes grow out, they begin to move off the original lash line. This results in dropping, hanging, or turning off the extensions.

When should you get an infill?

We highly recommend you come in for your infills before you lose ½ of your lashes so we can help you maintain the full and beautiful lashes look you desire. Plus, it is very possible that you will need a whole new set if you wait too long. So, we recommend booking a lash infill appointment 2-3 weeks after the initial appointment.

How long is too long, before a new set of lashes is required?

If you have decided not to get your lashes infilled within 2-3 weeks of your initial appointment, your lashes may have grown out past the point of an infill. As you approach week-4 and you have less than 40% of your lashes left then you will need a new set.

Why? At this point, your lashes are drooping and pointing in different directions. As a result, removal is needed, and your lash artist will need to create a new set.

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