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Teeth Whitening Like A Pro With Just 2 Items

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Say Goodbye to Dull Teeth: Whiten Like a Pro with Opalescence Teeth Whitening 35% Gel and PHOEBEBE Teeth Whitening Light.

Who says you need to sacrifice your precious time to achieve a brighter smile? With Opalescence Teeth Whitening 35 Percent and the PHOEBE Teeth Whitening Light, all it takes is 30-60 minutes of wear time per day to achieve a smile so radiant, it could blind the sun.

That's right - no need to cancel your plans or give up your Netflix binge. Simply fill the tray about ½ full of Opalescence Teeth Whitening 35%, pop in the tray, sit back, and let the whitening magic do its thing. Before you know it, you'll be flashing a set of pearly whites that would make even the tooth fairy jealous.

Pro Tip: Brush with Sensodyne before and after whitening to reduce sensitivity.

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